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Growing Sales

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Brian S. - VP of Sales, Evisions

Mike made a tremendous impact on the Evisions sales team performance over the past few years. His perspective, coaching, and assistance with talent acquisition certainly helped my growth as an executive; while also helping to accelerate the growth of our entire team as sales professionals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mike to any sales organization.

You want to grow and know that having the right team of reps is key. Utilizing our validated tools and proven processes, we help you avoid bad hires and ramp reps faster to grow sales better. 

Hire Smarter

Traditionally, hiring managers relied on resumes, references, and their gut to screen sales candidates. What they need to do is remove the subjectivity and use data to make informed hiring decisions.

Develop Faster

When sales reps don’t perform, businesses struggle. Goals go unmet, profits sink, and growth stagnates. That’s why you need to have a sales rep development strategy.

Retain Longer

Turnover hurts, especially when it happens in your sales team. Without top talent, you are likely to see a marked drop in morale, productivity, and profitability. It’s time to ensure your top performers stay.

We know the challenges that come with building sales teams.

Hiring salespeople and building top-performing sales teams is not easy, but it's not impossible either. We speak with CEOs and executive sales leaders daily, so we understand the challenges you face. We have helped well-funded startups build sales teams from scratch, and 20-year-old software companies design sales coaching programs that resulted in sales doubling within 18 months. We can help you too.

Getting started is easy...

Step 1 - We start with a conversation to discuss your company's sales goals and how your sales team is supporting those goals.

Step 2 - Based on our conversation, we will map out a plan which may include smarter hiring, better development, or even a new retention strategy.

Step 3 - We implement changes to your new sales talent management plan and watch sales consistently grow.

Don't leave your company's sales growth to chance.

It's critical that you have the right people in the right roles. Without those two critical things, you will be leaving sales growth to chance. We have the experience, resources, and know-how. Let us help you grow your sales.