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CEOs and executive sales leaders want to grow sales and know that having a team capable of performing at a high level consistently is key. But hiring, developing, and retaining top talent isn't as straightforward as it used to be. The makeup of the current workforce is very different from even five years ago, and thanks to the pandemic, employee's priorities and the desire to better manage how they balance life and work have changed. All of this has caused companies to rethink how best to build top-performing sales teams.

That's where SalesLab comes in; we help our clients understand what's happening with today's workforce and how best to manage the changes for their company. We help companies leverage tools designed for today's workforce to identify, hire, develop, and retain top talent to help them build great teams and grow sales.


Mike Poledna, Founder & CEO


Mike is a 20-year sales veteran with over nine years spent as an executive sales leader in growth-stage and Fortune 1000 companies. For the past six years, Mike has consulted with companies ranging from well-funded startups to Fortune 250 business units. His expertise is in building and turning around underperforming sales teams. 

Mike's experience:


In addition to SalesLab, Mike is an investor in the professional soccer club Chattanooga FC as well as owns and operates Advantage Goalkeeping with his son in St. Augustine, FL.

Mike and his wife, Lacey, have been married for 23 years and have two college-aged children along with two French Bulldogs. They currently live in sunny St. Augustine, FL.