About SalesLab


One of the biggest challenges facing start-up and early-stage SaaS CEOs is growing their company's sales fast enough. Most CEOs didn't begin their career in sales, making it even harder to know where to start when building a sales strategy that will allow them to scale. CEOs are bombarded daily with blog posts and podcasts promising to boost sales overnight, making the situation even more difficult. 

SalesLab Consulting provides CEOs with the clarity and guidance needed to develop effective sales strategies that lead to consistent and predictable results. The advice provided is not a summarized collection of research papers, academic articles, and blog posts. Instead, Mike's expertise and resulting guidance come from real-world experience gained from rolling up his sleeves and doing the work alongside his clients. On most days, Mike is helping his clients fine-tune their growth strategies, supporting sales conversations and negotiations, and talking with board members and investors.

Mike Poledna, Founder & CEO

Mike has more than 20 years of sales and executive sales leadership experience. He has consulted with companies ranging from start-ups to F-250 business units, helping them build healthier pipelines, increase ACV, and shorten sales cycles. Over the past seven years, Mike's clients have raised Series A and B rounds, have been acquired by industry competitors and exited to private equity firms such as Vista Equity Partners and American Family Ventures.

Mike's experience:

Mike and his wife, Lacey, have been married for 24 years and have two college-aged children along with two French Bulldogs. They currently live 400 yards from the ocean in sunny Florida.

Mike Poledna