Candidate Selection

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3 Essential
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Sales Candidates

How do you find a great sales candidate?


With the right process and tools, it’s possible to quickly find your next top performer. In this guide, we'll walk through how best practices for building an interview framework can help ensure that interviews are structured in such as way, so candidates feel most comfortable sharing their professional expertise with employers during these crucial times when making hiring decisions about future members of any organization!


When you’re interviewing sales candidates, a consistent process is key. In this guide, you’ll learn how to build an interview framework and find resources to help you stay on track in your interviews, allowing you to make better hiring decisions faster.

What you'll find in the ebook:


  • An interview outline - We'll show you to build a framework for your interviews to help maintain consistency and ensure the right information is gathered about your candidates.


  • 50 sales-specific interview questions - Learn the difference between an interview question you should ask and one you should avoid. We also provide you with 50 sales-specific interview questions to incorporate into your interviews.


  • A sales candidate scoring guide - We share with you an interview guide and scoring sheet to complete during each interview and to share with colleagues to ensure you gather the right information to make informed hiring decisions.