• Mike Poledna

3 Things You Must Do Now To Increase SaaS Sales.

Updated: Jan 13

I've noticed a lot of frustration amongst many sales teams about the difficulty of gaining traction with new prospects, especially newer sales staff. We're working through unprecedented situations today, and there's no clear timeline for when things might turn around.

If you or your team has been waiting patiently on the sideline to take action, "hoping" the impacts of the pandemic pass, you may be in store for a very tough year, or two, or three ahead. We can't know how long this disruption will last, but we can control our actions and implement new strategies such as the following.

1. Assess your team's current capabilities and consider new strategies for improvement if needed

The first step to improving your organization accurately measures where you stand now. You can't know whether or not you're getting better if you don't measure where you started.

Sales performance is a direct reflection of the company culture. It’s always wise to analyze sales goals with your team using a sales-specific evaluation that provides predictive insight for what needs to be done and self-awareness about how far you can go to achieve improvement.

A sales evaluation will provide you with these insights and more:

  • What competencies does your team need to improve to produce better sales outcomes?

  • How big of a role does their mindset have?

  • Who needs to be skilled-up, and what areas do they need to improve?

  • Who can be counted on for growth, and who needs a new role?

Doesn't it make sense to remove the guesswork and equip yourself with reliable data?

2. Grow your revenue by growing your people with proper sales coaching

To improve your sales effectiveness, focus on the change agents responsible for implementing new strategies: sales leadership and management. Your sales leaders are critical in catalyzing these changes, so don't forget to evaluate their abilities.

How much of an impact are your managers having on their team? Knowing how often your managers are coaching their team and doing 1 to 1 coaching sessions will help you understand how well they're using the time.

Your sales manager should dedicate half of their time to coaching, yet less than 10% of them do this consistently. Chances are, they're spending much less time on these activities than needed.

3. Create a culture of continuous learning.

Although changing a team's culture is difficult, that doesn't mean companies should give up. Implementing performance coaching into weekly routines and keeping track of results can help affect positive change.

How do you accomplish this cultural change?

When you create a business environment emphasizing process and not individual virtue, accountability is achieved through your team. What actions are you asking your team to complete, and how do you measure their progress?

What processes have you implemented to ensure that your sales team is accountable for its performance and has strong coaching when necessary?

If you've been "waiting and hoping" that the lingering effects of this pandemic will end soon or wondering how to get started without waiting any longer, reach out. We'd love to learn more about your specific challenges and talk through opportunities for us to collaborate.

We cannot guarantee how long this pandemic will last, but we can now control our actions and implement new strategies.

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