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6 Steps To Selecting SDRs And Account Executive Candidates

Updated: Jun 15

Interviewing a sales candidate

The SDR and Account Executive selection process has many components that make it complete and effective. Ignoring just one of them can have a significant and negative impact on your entire candidate selection process.

It is important to have an understanding of, and plan for, each part of your hiring process. The process is as follows and is shown in order of priority.

Going out of order is never recommended:

  • Recruitment

  • Reviewing

  • Screening

  • Interviewing

  • Selection

  • Testing

The process starts with recruiting possible SDRs and account executives. This can vary by organization, but as a rule of thumb, social media is one of the most viable ways to make your business visible to those you want to attract.

Next is reviewing. This involves scanning resumes of interested sales candidates to find ones that seem to fit with your sales organization and culture based on their resume qualities.

After reviewing resumes, the next step is to screen the chosen sales candidates. Some companies format this step as a pre-interview, where the basics are established and first impressions are formed. From this point, the sales leader decides if the sales candidate is worth calling back for a formal interview.

Interviewing is the next step, where a more detailed inventory of the sales candidate’s potential is revealed. This step can be face-to-face, Zoom, or over the phone, depending on the availability of the SDR or account executive candidate and sales leader.

The selection process consists of reviewing interview notes, asking for feedback from other human resources employees or department heads, and deciding which candidate - or candidates - are approved for hire.

Finally, the testing process screens the chosen sales candidates for personality, soft skills, job fit, compatibility, and competence. This step rounds out the interview in the sense that much more information is obtained that can be received from a time-limited interview.

Successfully selecting sales candidates is one of the most critical decisions for your company. Not only is it a necessity but, if done correctly, it can be the necessary rocket fuel that propels your company forward.

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