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Are Your Sales Managers Impacting Sales Team Performance?

Updated: Jan 13

This is a question we ask nearly every client early on. The most common answer is, "I guess I don't really know." Most of our clients struggle to implement an effective sales strategy for their team because they don't have experience. And despite undergoing various tactical changes in sales, including purchasing CRM, tweaking compensation plans, and recruiting new people, none of these tactics have a significant impact.

We are sharing this topic to help you focus on a key lever that many have not given the requisite attention to sales managers' capabilities.

These 3 pillars will help you improve your sales managers and produce the growth you're looking for.

  1. Leadership

  2. Strategy

  3. Management/Accountability

The leadership pillar hinges on one simple concept: "Leaders are people with followers." A leader's ability to inspire and motivate their team in ways that the employee cannot accomplish independently is one key quality of a good leader.

In fact, the four main competencies of a leader are:

  • self-awareness & emotional intelligence (E.Q.)

  • leadership style

  • motivation

  • core values and ethics

A sales manager should have a strategic game plan that provides clarity and focus for their team to produce reliable outcomes. And this is the second pillar, Strategy. A few key elements of a successful sales manager's Strategy must include:

  • goal setting, both personal & professional

  • analysis - internal, external, competition

  • defining their ideal future customer & understanding their problems

  • developing strategic messaging that connects with these future customers

  • focusing their team on the critical activities that produce desired outcomes

  • establishing team profiles and client-facing structure

Management/Accountability is the third pillar, and perhaps the one most sales leaders rarely execute. Promoting individuals for their sales performance often results in managers who are ill-prepared or unsuited to manage employees. To achieve success, sales managers must develop certain competencies. Here are four of them:

  • mapping out a sales process from lead generation to closed/won business

  • define what the salespeople are to be accountable to (hint: not just results)

  • establish a scorecard for measuring these critical activities

  • creating weekly/monthly/quarterly checkpoints to inspect progress

If you are interested in learning how we can help your sales managers achieve their sales goals, reach out. We want to learn more about your business and the specific challenges you face to create sustainable growth.

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