• Mike Poledna

How To Eliminate Human Bias in the Performance Appraisal Process

Updated: Jan 13

In a job performance review, it's important to be objective about the job that has been done and not let human bias influence your opinion causing you to make common errors in the process. This is why job assessments are so vital. When you use an assessment tool designed for the position in question, you can be sure that your evaluation will not be skewed by personal feelings toward the employee or their skills and abilities.

The Dreaded Halo Effect

A person doing an evaluation may focus on one positive trait and not notice the other parts. This is called the halo effect. This can be bad because it can lead to unfair reviews when they do not have all the information. A person might also focus too much on one negative trait, which will make their review biased against the employee.

No Baseline For Comparison

If you want to compare an employee's performance, it should be compared to the average, creating a baseline. You can use assessments of your top performers and measure how well your team is doing to see if they are performing up to standards.

Ignoring the Whole Timeline

Some performance reviews only look at how an employee performs over a short timeframe. These reviews are not as reliable because it is hard to see how someone would do on the job with this type of report. However, assessments take into account how well someone has done on the job in general instead of just a few months.

Lack of Follow Through

Evaluating your employees’ performance is only half the battle. The information you obtain is only useful if you know how to act on it. Using an assessment such as ours will illustrate an employee’s performance and include pointers on what to do with that information to help the employee make improvements.

When executed correctly, a performance appraisal can be one of the most useful initiatives for your business. Make sure you maximize this process’s success by using the best tools to get the best results.

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