• Mike Poledna

What is a Sales Growth Framework? And Why You Should Use One.

Updated: Jan 13

Many companies are struggling to increase sales and grow their business. They are stuck in a rut, and it's time for them to take action. This blog post will discuss what a sales growth framework is and why you should use one. We'll go over the three components of successful sales frameworks - strategy, technology, people. We'll also talk about how regular checkups using your sales growth framework can continually help increase your success rate.

Let's first start by answering the question, what is a sales growth framework?

A framework is an underlying structure or system. Companies use frameworks as the structure for managing their improvement efforts. In the case of a sales growth framework, it's to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness by improving your strategy, technology, and people.

Let's touch on each of the three components of a successful and proven sales growth framework.

Strategy: Successfully growing sales requires a cohesive sales strategy. But don't be mistaken; just because we say sales strategy doesn't mean you leave out your marketing. A successful sales strategy includes ideal customer profiles, personas, buyer journeys, marketing messaging, and sales messaging. Your strategy also needs to include a sales process or sales methodology depending on what you sell and to whom.

Technology: Technology has an important role to play in the growth of your business. Sales automation, CRM software, marketing automation, social platforms, lead and contact data/intelligence platforms, and other technology pieces can increase your team's sales efficiency and effectiveness. CEOs and sales leaders also benefit from technology because it provides them with sales data insights; this increases their ability to see where they need to spend time and resources.

People: It’s important to have the right members on your team for each sales role needed because not all reps can perform well in every type of sales role - consultative vs. transactional, inside vs. outside, long sales cycle vs. short sales cycle, and deals involving multiple decision-makers vs. deals involving only a few. When building and developing your sales team, it is important to have a defined and proven process and a set of tools to help make smarter hires, develop sales reps better, and retain your sales rockstars longer.

A sales growth framework is a critical and necessary resource in the management of every organization's sales efforts. Sales growth frameworks are diagnostic tools that allow you to review, identify problems, pinpoint solutions, and more quickly turn around your stagnant or declining sales performance.

Finally, leveraging a sales growth framework is not something you do once. Successful sales teams will use a sales growth framework to review their sales efforts quarterly. It allows them to make sure they are executing against their plan and not veering off course. Furthermore, the very act of reviewing and discussing your current efforts often leads teams to brainstorm new ideas.

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